Council is to blame for woe: Town is going down the pan

Chesterfield is getting such a depressing place – with shops closing down, causing unemployment and less opportunities for school leavers.

More people queuing at the Job Centre, most without a chance of securing a worthwhile job vacancy in this area .

This will leave young families who are going to struggle on Government handouts. These families will end up in debt and some will resort to crime.

Then when debt does occur they get behind on various things such as electric, gas rent but do provide clothes food and warmth for their family. The gas and electricity boards help them by fitting prepayment meters so they can pay their debt off over a period which is suited to them.

The council has a policy of giving people a couple of chances then they take you to court and then start throwing their weight about with eviction letters .

These letters go to people from ages 18-90 and do not see the complications in life of many of these people .

These people have debts ranging from £100 to thousands of pounds. They are not bothered if the amount is large or small and are not bothered if they are young or old.

The people who handle the arrears are not to blame, I blame the puppet masters.

The top people in the council have no heart whatsoever.

Councils are money grabbers and always will be. Just reading the last issue about our poor market traders. These are people who are trying to make a living but are finding it hard – I can sure bet the council will not help.

Get these people out and some caring people in who can make the council the best in the UK. Make Chesterfield a better place, and more people- friendly.

Also, these MPs in Chesterfield, what are they doing while the town goes down the pan? You get paid, so do your jobs! Where I work, if you don’t work then you don’t get paid.

As for season ticket sales being down by 1,000 at Chesterfield FC, compared to last year’s League One campaign, while the club are in talks with Chesterfield Borough Council to write off an outstanding £960,000 loan.

Surely writing this off amounts to favouritism, and victimisation off all tenants who have been threatened with eviction for paltry amounts (compared to CFC)?

David Hilton-Turner