Council dedicated approach to equality

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SPECIALIST training, publishing workforce data and consulting on equalities issues are just some of the ways Bolsover District Council is dealing with equality and diversity issues across the district.

The council undertakes an annual review of its four-year Single Equality Scheme 2011-2015 which highlights the key actions they have achieved and what else they need to do.

The Single Equality Scheme sets out what the council must do to meet the duties set out in the Equality Act 2010 and what steps it will take to achieve them.

Since the scheme was published in March 2011, the following are some of the main issues that have been achieved:

Summary of services provided to vulnerable people

On-line equality questionnaire undertaken and analysed

Reviewed procurement processes and documentation to make sure they are accessible to everyone

Delivered Lesbian, Gay, Bi-Sexual and Transgender (LGBT) training to sixteen people

Improved practice and helped in case reviews relating to domestic violence and hate crime

Published information on council workforce i.e. gender, age, race, etc

Provide information in different formats and languages.

Bolsover District Council’s Cabinet Member for Social Inclusion, Cllr Ann Syrett, said: “We have made good progress on our Single Equality Scheme, but we still have plenty to do. We take equality and diversity issues extremely seriously and work very closely with other agencies wherever possible to eliminate discrimination, promote equality issues and make sure our services are available to everyone.”