Council bus service cuts

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CONCERNED residents fear the young and elderly will be hit hard by over £3m of controversial council cuts to public transport bus service subsidies and travel discount concessions over two years.

Derbyshire County Council approved proposals, at a cabinet meeting, on Tuesday, March 29, to save £3.12m from its public transport budget by stopping its subsidies on 42 bus services resulting in some stopping altogether.

The cost-saving cuts also include plans to stop subsidising 73 school bus services for children who live close to school or do not go to their nearest school.

In addition, subsidies for teenage students’ b_line2 bus and train discount cards will be reduced from 50per cent to 33per cent and elderly and disabled Gold Card holders will lose half-price train discounts.

A £1 single fare is also being introduced for Gold Card holders on Community Transport Dial-a-Bus services.

To view the full list of affected countywide bus services click on the links at the top right of this page.