Council blasts row over site ownership

sp63412'Exterior of Bolsover District Council Offices
sp63412'Exterior of Bolsover District Council Offices

COUNCIL chiefs have disputed claims its HQ is on publicly-owned open space as the local authority prepares to sell the base to Morrisons as part of a supermarket scheme.

Bolsover District Council has selected Morrisons as its preferred buyer for its Sherwood Lodge site, off Oxcroft Lane, in Bolsover, alongside its own plan to move its operation to the Clowne college campus site.

As Save Sherwood Green campaigners raised concerns about a loss of greenland on part of the site and some businesses are worried about being squeezed out by a new supermarket others have queried whether the site is publicy owned or completely owned by the council.

A council spokesman said: “The Land Registry details state categorically the land in question belongs to Bolsover District Council.”

Resident Jean Langley, of Oxcroft Lane, Bolsover, claimed in a letter to the Derbyshire Times that Bolsover Urban District Council bought the Sherwood Lodge house and grounds, off Hill Top, and dedicated the grounds as a permanent public open space.

She said: “There is proof the grounds were designated a public open space by the predecessor of the council and this is confirmed in the Centenary Publication of the Bolsover Urban District Council.”

However, the council stated the urban district council merged with three others in 1974 to form the current council and anything they owned fell into the possession of Bolsover District Council. A council spokesman added: “There is no proof the land should be kept as open space and if that had been the case that condition should have been stipulated when the land was transferred.”