Council apologises after gaffe in child sexual expoitation letter to taxi drivers

The letter sent out by Chesterfield Borough Council.
The letter sent out by Chesterfield Borough Council.

Council bosses have apologised after a making a gaffe in a letter about a child sexual exploitation training course sent out to Chesterfield taxi drivers.

Chesterfield Borough Council sent a letter to taxi drivers in the town notifying them of a child sexual exploitation (CSE) training course in June following high profile cases in Rotherham and other areas.

The letter, signed by the borough council licensing manager Trevor Durham, states that training is being offered to licensed drivers and operators on a voluntary basis, but adds: “But if you don’t attend I’ll send Mick out to get you.”

The borough council said the authority “apologises unreservedly” for the mistake made.

A Chesterfield taxi driver, who did not want to be named, said: “I emailed the council and they said emailed me back saying it was meant as an ‘in house joke’.

“I have emailed the council again to find out whether the course is actually compulsory or not but they have not replied.”

The borough council says that this type of training has been offered to all taxi drivers registered with the authority, and is working with the county council to deliver awareness to all taxi drivers and operators.

Chesterfield Borough Council’s executive director, James Drury, said: “The comment saying “Mick will come and get you” refers to one of our licensing officers. This should not have been included in the letter and we apologise unreservedly that this was sent and for any offence caused.

“The sessions are voluntary but such is the seriousness of the issue, our councillors are considering making the training compulsory in future.

“We will continue to work effectively the taxi drivers and operators on Chesterfield and value the important role they play in this area.”