Council and FSA hot tips for outdoor cooking

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BOLSOVER District Council and the Food Standards Agency are warning people about the importance of safe outdoor cooking so revellers can avoid bugs and becoming seriously ill.

The council and FSA has issued the following tips including always washing your hands thoroughly before preparing food and after touching raw meat and before eating.

They stressed that raw meat can contain harmful bacteria and should be separated from cooked and ready to eat foods and that barbeque food may look well cooked when it may not be.

Other advice included cutting open meat and meat products to make sure it is piping hot and cooked through, the juices run clear and there are no pink bits inside. If necessary continue cooking.

People should never be tempted to rush a barbeque and they should make sure you light it at least 45 minutes before cooking, according the FSA, so flames will not burn the outside of the food and leave the middle raw.

Copies of the Food Standards Agency leaflet Beat the Barbecue Bugs which offers further advice on how to make sure barbecued food is safely cooked are available from all the council’s contact centres or please visit for details.