Conservative Pauline Latham returned to Parliament with massive majority

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Mid Derbyshire MP Pauline Latham says she is ‘proud’ after being returned to Parliament for a second term.

Mrs Latham secured more than 50 per cent of the vote, more than double that of her nearest rival - Labour’s Nicola Heaton.

The Conservatives received 24,908 votes (52.2 per cent) compared with Labour’s 12,134 (25.4 per cent).

UKIP came in third with 6,497 votes (13.6 per cent), beating the Liberal Democrats into fourth place with 2,292 votes (4.8 per cent). The Green Party secured 1,898 votes (4 per cent).

The result leaves Mrs Latham with a 26.8 per cent majority - with 71 per cent of voters in the constituency turning out.

Following the win, Mrs Latham tweeted: “I am proud to be able to represent the constituency of Mid Derbyshire for a further 5 years. Thank you all so much for voting.”