Confusion in Hollywood as actress Angelina Jolie says Derbyshire phrase ‘ay up me duck!’ at awards ceremony

Angelina Jolie.
Angelina Jolie.

There were some confused faces in Hollywood last night – after actress Angelina Jolie spoke with a Derbyshire accent.

The 39-year-old wife of Brad Pitt greeted Derbyshire actor Jack O’Connell with “ay up me duck!” at the Hollywood Film Awards.

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VIDEO: Watch Angelina Jolie say Derbyshire phrase ‘ay up me duck!’ at Hollywood awards ceremony

She spoke in a Derbyshire accent and introduced him with the East Midlands phrase as she presented him with an award.

Some baffled viewers took to twitter asking why she was talking about a duck – but there was also much delight.

‏@JHAC96 tweeted: “Angelina Jolie saying ‘ay up me duck!’ has made my life.”

@BillyCotton said: “Angelina Jolie has just made me like her loads more! Ay up me duck!”

O’Connell has the lead role in Jolie’s upcoming film Unbroken.