Complaints surge at surgery

NDET 21-8-12 RKH 11 Rectory road Medical centre Staveley
NDET 21-8-12 RKH 11 Rectory road Medical centre Staveley

Misplaced records, prescriptions problems and patients leaving are just some of the complaints directed at a north Derbyshire surgery.

Staveley Town Council hosted an extraordinary meeting to discuss a catalogue of problems at Rectory Road Surgery.

The surgery was taken over by Holywell Medical Group last July.

Cllr John Williams said complaints about medical services by far outnumbered any other complaint received by town councillors.

He added: “Although Staveley people are tolerant this situation has gone on too long.”

Issues included doctors leaving, computer system breakdowns and receptionists asking patients about their problems in public .

Cllr Joanne Barnett said some of her personal records had been lost due to a new computer system merging records.

But Dr Steve Bradder, of the surgery, said all records were in tact however the new system meant some staff had been unable to pinpoint certain details.

Cllr Helen Elliott said she had received many complaints from elderly patients with mobility problems who had to go back to the pharmacy two or three times.

She added: “There has been a lot of disruption and quite a few patients have left.

“Some doctors have left too as there seems to have been a lot of pressure put on them. There have also been a lot of people unhappy with prescriptions and have to keep going back.”

Since Holywell Medical Centre took over, 308 patients have left the surgery and around 1,000 new patients have joined.