Commuters slam train fare hikes

Buxton Station
Buxton Station

HARD-UP commuters have slammed yet another round of inflation-busting train fare increases.

Tickets for Northern Rail services which run through the High Peak have risen by an average of 4.8 per cent – the equivalent of about 10p to 20p per journey.

An annual Buxton to Manchester season ticket has soared by more than £100 – from £2,584 to a whopping £2,692 – while a seven-day pass has jumped from £64.60 to £67.30.

Commuters have reacted angrily to the price hikes – but Northern Rail said the extra money will be spent on funding improvements to stations, trains and services.

Speaking at Buxton train station on Monday, a passenger, who did not want to be named, said: “These increases are ridiculous.

“Train fares keep going up and up but unfortunately wages aren’t going up and up.

“I just hope all this extra money won’t be going towards lining the bosses’ pockets.”

On Twitter, Rachael Knight said: “Commuters don’t want updated stations – we’d rather have ticket prices which don’t increase.”

Sara Jayne Slocombe added: “It’s more reason to get a car and quit having to put up with all the downsides of public transport.”

However, a Northern Rail spokesman defended the fare rises and said train travel was still often cheaper and quicker than using the car or bus.

The spokesman added: “We understand that these are difficult financial times for our customers, which is why we will continue to work with the Government and the wider rail industry to drive down the cost of running the railway to provide better long-term value for money for passengers and taxpayers.”

The annual price hike was announced by the Government in August and come into force last Wednesday.

Overall, ticket prices have gone up by 3.9 per cent across England, Scotland and Wales.

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