COMMUNITY FOCUS: Creative cakes with baking club

I got more than I expected when I hosted this month’s Clandestine Cake Club.

Not only was there a large amount of yummy cake, but also baking tips, great conversation and lots of laughs including a story that ended in “It was two hedgehogs having a little rendezvous in the garden!”...

The club regularly meet up in unusual locations that are only revealed at the last minute, and each meeting has a different theme. It’s free to join too which is a bonus.

I was expecting lots of fancy decorated cakes but actually these amateur bakers are creative in a very different way, experimenting with ingredients, techniques and combining recipes to create great flavours!

There is some real dedication to baking within the membership, one lady had got up at 5am to bake her cake, whilst another retold a tale of taking the sides of her oven out in order to fit a previous meet’s cake in.

The ingredients used were seasonal and included:

pumpkin, apples, plums, mixed berries, blackcurrant, lemon and not forgetting beetroot - “That’s the problem with coring beetroot - you end up looking like you murdered your family” - along with my favourite tip of the day that you can used the water you boil your beetroot in to make pink icing naturally rather than using artificial colouring.

I would like to thank Chesterfield’s Clandestine Cake Club for a great night.