COLUMN: Regular Derbyshire Times columnist Reah Marshall writes about the wonders of fruit blending

Reah and her son Luca.
Reah and her son Luca.

As a certified neurotic mother, I am naturally very conscious of my toddler’s diet. As part of this food-fixation, I obsess over ensuring he consumes ‘5 a day’. It doesn’t stop there.

Does he need to take vitamins? Is he taking too many vitamins? Has he had enough calcium for his daily intake (cheese, yogurt, milk etc)? Should I be supplementing his supplements?!

With this and a generally disorganised and hectic family/work life, I find increasingly difficult to concoct new and exciting ways of getting fruit and veg into my family’s diet. It is also worth adding that, for as long as I can remember, I have suffered with stomach-related complaints. In my teens, I was told that I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and for the years which followed nothing has ever controlled the ‘flair-ups’.

Over the past six months, my symptoms have worsened. Thankfully, after blood tests, consultancy appointments, scans etc, I am edging closer to a REAL diagnosis. Anyway, in a bid to improve both my health and help (see force) my son to enjoy some nice shakes, we recently acquired a blender.

I have never blended/juiced before and, as per usual, I didn’t read the instructions, but blending has opened up a whole new world. A pile of fruit was thrown in (roughly chopped) with some linseed, ginger, honey and ice cubes and within a few seconds were blitzed and poured out into a glass. The following day I decided that I would try to make a fun milkshake for my son.

Once again, I didn’t go by a recipe, I threw in a handful of fruit (blueberries and raspberries) with a tablespoon of honey, half a pint of milk, blitzed for a few seconds, poured into a cup with a ‘funky’ straw and to my amazement, my son happily guzzled the whole lot. EUREKA!

Anyway, it’s not a miracle cure, nor will it ensure that my son (and partner) will fully accept the need for vegetables. But blending is doing a fabulous job in giving us all a great start to the day.