COLUMN: Learn how to shape your career

The journey to the job you love or want is not always a smooth one. Sometimes, life takes you down a different path before you get on the right career track.'¨That can be useful and necessary to give you the skills and experience you need to take the next step. Often though, it's the circumstances of life that push you into a particular job or the lack of good advice and the lack of confidence to follow your dreams.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 14th March 2016, 9:30 am

I started my working life as an electrical and engineering apprentice with the Coal Board.

This introduction to learning and skills in a practical environment inspired me. I wanted to learn more and I wanted to teach others. 
The road to becoming a principal of a college was perhaps not a natural progression from where I started but it goes to show what doors education and experience can open up for you.

I read something recently that said the jobs that children just starting out in secondary education will do have not even been invented yet. For these young people, it is important parents, schools and colleges build personal and transferable skills that will future proof them.

Stuart Cutforth Chesterfield college. Photo for business column

With National Careers Week just around the corner it is a good time to focus on the best way to shape your career whether you are a school leaver or an adult thinking about a change of direction.

Five top tips for getting the job you want including knowing your strengths, getting the facts together, getting impartial advice, knowing and achieving the skills and experience you need, and finally working hard to breakdown barriers and overcome hurdles that may stand in your way.

Stuart Cutforth Chesterfield college. Photo for business column