COLUMN: Chesterfield College principal looks back on 2015

With only one week to go before we say goodbye to 2015, I suppose it’s natural to look back on the year you’ve had. There’s something about the festive season that brings out the sentimental side of all of us. Sentimentality aside, looking back and planning ahead is useful at the end of the year.

There probably aren’t many people who can say 2015 has been plain sailing. Life tends to throw us a few things to deal with every now and then. There are always challenges to face. Some of them make you stronger, others make you refocus.

Chesterfield College has been through some change this year with the pressures of reduced funding and new education directives it’s been tough in many ways. I am sure businesses and households have had their own versions of this to deal with too. In spite all of this we’re growing and the core of what we do, the everyday delivery of working with students, apprentices and employers to give them the skills they need is producing some amazing results.

We’ve had award winners galore this year. From individual successes like the Young Chef of the Year and our two Worldskills UK gold and bronze medal winners, to joint efforts like our travel agency,

Our A-level and GCSE results were good and some of our apprenticeship success stories are really inspiring. The same can be said for our graduation ceremony where our higher education learners paraded through the streets of Chesterfield in October.

With this in mind you can see why I look back on 2015 with a smile. There’s a lot to do in 2016 so that we can be just as satisfied next year.