CLOWNE: Wildlife sites officer’s talk



Senior wildlife sites officer for Derbyshire Wildlife Trust (DWT) Kieron Huston, put the spotlight on Bolsover area when he spoke to Clowne Wildlife Group. He outlined the various projects through which nature and wildlife conservation is done in Derbyshire. Whilst DWT is responsible for several sites of special scientific interest in Bolsover District, it also supports the “management” of lots of sites that provide good habitats.

Bolsover District has more managed areas much of which is done by Derbyshire County Council. There is the potential for more, as well as sympathetic management done by farmers etc. Pleasley Pit was identified as an example of how ex industrial land could be transformed and benefit nature when appropriate management, enthusiastic volunteers and funding etc. could be brought together. Maps indicating a range of habitats supported Kieron to show distribution and suggest places where the group may want to visit and what to look out for. He also stressed the importance of recording. He showed the photograph he had taken of a rare insect which he had found in the Clowne area, but when he came to record it apparently the body was required for microscopic verification.

Members signed letters of support to petition against a wind turbine being built near Stamfree.

Members collected a copy of Butterfly Conservation’s Garden Butterfly Survey. This will cover spring, summer and autumn and suggestions were made on how to make simple recordings.

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