CLOWNE: Wildlife Group tells how you can make a difference



Clowne Wildlife Group’s New Year resolution was “we really can make a difference”.

Often planted on roadside verges, cowslips brighten otherwise dull journeys. They are inexpensive to buy as plants and seeds are available now. Read nettle is a common weed, but it has beneficial to pollinators such as bees as other flowers are so late this year.

If buying seeds and plants, people are urged to go for bee-friendly species, as the insects really do need all the help humans can give them. Some species need particular plants for their existence, so check in any identification guide.

Last year the cuckoo was heard on April 14, but only one report so far.

Dry conditions, resulting from the continuous winds, are causing problems for swallows etc., which rely on mud for nest building.

There is only one more talk before the summer part of the programme which will be announced shortly.

For further information about group activities contact Jim Russell on 01246 812724.