CLOWNE: Wildlife group members congratulate Dorothy Pearson on her 90th birthday



Joining the group shortly after its formation in 1982 and still regularly attending monthly meetings, the group offered many congratulations to member Dorothy Pearson on celebrating her 90th birthday.

The joviality continued as, by using his own photo’s taken on many local footpaths, group field officer Jim Russell, illustrated how the seasons and weather change the local area. Point and shoot cameras now make it easy, to record wildlife and the countryside. He also emphasised how simple it is to include old images. Some images illustrated areas where some may not be able access, whilst others captured something that would easily be passed by. However he couldn’t turn it into a quiz as he had left all the titles on, much to the amusement of everyone. Jim tried to recall some of the points that previous speakers had made and how they were affecting us locally, especially the trees, for he and many members could remember how Dutch Elm disease had decimated the tree population. Now ash, which is another very common tree in the area, as well as others, face similar problems.

Some photographers record the streets, others, people with their cameras, but Jim encourages us all to record the landscape and what is in it.

Shipley Country Park will be visited on Saturday, April 20.

For further information about the group please contact Jim Russell on 01246 812724.