Clowne residents not benefitting from Markahm Vale jobs

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Clowne residents are not benefitting from the job creation at Markham Vale because there is no direct bus service to the business hub, campaigners claim.

Greg Lindley, secretary of Clowne Community Association, is urging bus company Stagecoach to reinstate a service so people in the area can benefit from the wealth of jobs being created.

Mr Lindley said: “What is the point in providing new jobs if local people cannot get there unless they have a car?”

He added: “We fully support the efforts being made by local councils to get Stagecoach to engage in talk to provide Clowne with direct bus services, but it would appear that Stagecoach are not willing to provide the services.”

A spokesperson for Derbyshire County Council said they have been in discussions with Stagecoach and are trying to pursuade the company to reinstate the service.

The spokesperson said: “There used to be a bus service that ran from Creswell to Clowne, Markham Vale and Chesterfield Royal some years ago, but because of low passenger numbers it wasn’t commercially viable and the service stopped.

“Because of the increasing numbers of businesses moving onto Markham Vale, and Bolsover District Council having their offices now in Clowne, we believe this service could be viable and have had discussions with Stagecoach to try and persuade them to put the service back on.

“At the moment we have no powers to instruct bus companies to put services on – and with ever decreasing budgets we cannot afford to pay for this service if a commercial operator will not.

“But if our bid for devolution is successful then we would have more powers regarding bus services and this will open up new opportunities to develop services to meet current and future travel demands.”

John Young, commercial director at Stagecoach Yorkshire, said: “Bus links between Clowne and Markham Vale or Calow, Royal Hospital can all be made by travelling on service 53 and changing at Bolsover to services 82/83.

“Stagecoach has met with local community representatives and Derbyshire County Council in the past to discuss services in the area. We’re always open to suggestions from customers and, where possible, we adapt services as a direct result of customer suggestions. We will be attending a previously scheduled meeting at Markham Vale with Derbyshire County Council to discuss wider transport issues in the area.”