CLOWNE: Participants in national Birdwatch

Clowne Wildlife Group has expressed a big thank you to everyone who put out food during the recent harsh weather.

Over the weekend of January 26 and 27, the RSPB Garden Birdwatch took place. Saturday, although sunny and thawing, followed over a week of heavy snow and freezing temperatures. However, heavy rainfall early on Sunday with sunshine and light wind during the day, produced two contrasting days.

One member observed blackbirds, collared dove, robin, blue tit, dunnock, house sparrow, starling and chaffinch. Two fieldfares had been visiting the garden all week and were thankful for the apples placed on the floor during the snow and did much to protect them from other birds. However, only one stayed on Saturday, and it didn’t appear on Sunday.

Similarly, rooks had also taken advantage of the garden when the snow had covered nearby fields, but didn’t appear on Sunday.

However, woodpigeons had been feeding in the garden trees on ivy berries, but on Sunday they were busy cleaning up the seed on the table around the lawn.

Someone nearby must have had a better buffet as the tit-mice were not visiting the garden although the feeders were full.

These were simple observations made in one garden. Local and national statistics may well be totally different, but whatever the weather please keep feeding over the next few months.

Jim Russell (01246) 812724 is always pleased to hear any observations made in Clowne and the surrounding area.