Clay Cross takeaway customers come under fire

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Council chiefs have lambasted drivers who park on double yellow lines in Clay Cross – to go and get takeaways.

Clay Cross Parish Council says councillors are angered by the ‘ongoing problem’ on Eyre Street.

Councillor Gerry Morley, chair of the council, said: “For several years we have complained to police and Derbyshire County Council about cars and vans parking after 6pm on a one-way street with double yellow lines.

“The road is a main bus stop for Clay Cross but is constantly blocked by cars parking on the lines.

“The problem is mainly caused by people going to the takeaways in the evening and parking as near as possible.”

Coun Morley added: “What is the point of double yellow lines if they cannot be enforced.

“It’s becoming a joke.

“You wouldn’t mind but 20 yards down the road is a free car park which people can use and many choose not to.

“I guess when someone is killed or seriously injured then something will be done.”

Councillors are urging the county council and police to take action and are also contacting Natascha Engel, Labour MP for North east Derbyshire, to intervine.