Choking death at family dinner – inquest

A FAMILY celebration ended in tragedy when a pensioner choked to death during dinner.

June Allsop (67) and husband Frank were among a party of eight enjoying a meal at the Ladybower Inn, Bamford, on January 20, an inquest heard.

Mrs Allsop was severely disabled following life-saving treatment for a brain tumour 12 years ago and suffered from Parkinsonism – a condition similar to Parkinson’s Disease.

Mr Allsop was feeding her a small cut of meat at around 7pm when she sneezed and became distressed. She then collapsed and an ambulance was called.

An off-duty police officer retrieved a piece of meat from her throat and Mr Allsop gave her mouth-to-mouth in a bid to revive her.

The Chesterfield inquest was told that paramedics from New Mills arrived 20 minutes later but were unable to save Mrs Allsop.

Pathologist Dr Chris Stonard said a sudden death report indicated that Mrs Allsop had choked while eating a gammon joint.

“I didn’t find any obstruction but it seems like it had already been removed,” said Dr Stonard.

He gave the cause of death as aspiration of food, saying autopsy investigations found “no alternative mechanism of death”.

Mr Allsop said his wife had been given hope that new treatment would improve her condition and the family were celebrating this on the night she died.

He added: “We had a good quality of life despite her difficulties. We regularly travelled to Bamford and enjoyed our meals together. This time it went horribly wrong.”

Deputy North Derbyshire Coroner Nigel Anderson recorded a verdict of accidental death on Mrs Allsop, who lived in Aberystwyth, Wales.