Children in Need

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People across Matlock have come together to raise money for Children in Need this week.

The 2014 BBC appeal, which has seen fundraising events taking place across the country, has raised a record-breaking amount for disadvantaged children and young people.

As the annual seven-hour show came to an end at 2am on Saturday, a total of £32,620,469 had been raised, with the final sum expected to be higher once all donations are in.

Residents of Matlock and the surrounding areas have played their part in helping to reach this total through various fundraising events.

Students at Highfields School, in Matlock, went to classes in fancy dress last Friday.

The theme for the day was superheroes, tying in with the school’s encouragement of ‘Highfields Heroes’, whose learning is resilient, reasoning, responsible, reflective and resourceful.

Fundraising activities included paying to throw wet sponges at teachers, unleashing super hero power in welly throwing and paying to play computer games and table football.

Making 3D shapes of Pudsey Bear out of penny coins raised a large amount, as did cake sales.

Students also paid to have their photo taken against a green screen looking suitably heroic! Some chose to be ‘SUPERimposed’ so it looked as though they were flying over Matlock or meeting Batman.

And an ‘open mic’ event invited budding performing art students to raise funds by charging entry to their singing and comedy turns.

​The school’s house team said: “We love the way Children in Need catches the imagination of our students. Some people go to amazing efforts and we have fun but it’s all in a good cause.”

Other local fundraisers include five-year-old Emelia Percival, who raised more than £400 for the charity by taking part in a sponsored swim.

Emelia has been swimming since she was three years old and managed to power through 12 lengths during the event- six more than her record.

This year’s BBC Children in Need rickshaw also made its way through the Peak District last week as part of a 450 mile journey from Salford to ‘Walford’.

Staff and students at Cromford School were paid a visit by Team Rickshaw and Pudsey last Monday afternoon.

The One Show’s Matt Baker spoke to the students during a brief stop on their travels.

Headteacher Liz Foster said: “It was a real privilege to meet them all!”

Having now made its way round the country, the challenge has raised around £2.3 million for the charity in total. BBC Director General Tony Hall, said: “I’m delighted and proud that Children in Need has raised so much money for disadvantaged children this year. I’d like to thank the Great British public for all their donations, and our staff and stars for their hard work over the last few months. I know that the money raised will help make a real difference to children’s lives.”

Children in Need is currently supporting over 2,600 projects that are working with children facing a range of disadvantages for example, poverty and deprivation; children who have been the victims of abuse or neglect or disabled young people.

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