Children ‘dicing with death’ by playing on Chesterfield train tracks

Chesterfield train station.
Chesterfield train station.

Police have issued an urgent warning after children were seen playing on the railway tracks at Chesterfield train station.

Up to six youngsters aged around 11 were spotted playing on the bridge parapet and running on to the tracks between stationary trains earlier this month.

PC Stephen Slocombe, of British Transport Police, said “These children were dicing with death. The railway is not a playground. The message is clear – please stay away from the tracks.”

“Parents and adults must also take responsibility and emphasise the dangers to their children, making them aware that these areas are off limits. They should ask themselves if they know where their children are.

“Officers see too many cases of life-changing injuries and death caused by trespassing on railway tracks. We do not want to have to tell any family that their son or daughter will not be coming home.”

Addressing the youngsters, PC Slocombe added: “By messing around near the tracks, you are putting your own lives in danger as well as the lives of all the staff and passengers travelling on the trains.

“Officers continue to make regular visits to schools to highlight the dangers of playing near the railways and to promote rail safety awareness.”