Chesterfield woman's tasty idea after life-threatening bar fall

Sabrina Brooks and Richard Barltrop. Picture by Bronac McNeill.
Sabrina Brooks and Richard Barltrop. Picture by Bronac McNeill.

A Chesterfield woman who stopped drinking alcohol after a life-threatening fall has set up a new business selling tasty soft drinks for the growing tee-total market.

Sabrina Brooks suffered brain trauma resulting in memory loss, anxiety and depression after the serious fall in a bar in Turkey.

The need to avoid booze for an extended period gave Sabrina the idea for her new business, Peel and Spice, an alcohol and sugar-free range of soft drinks, flavoured with fruit peels and spices.

Sabrina, 26, said: "After the fall, I tried to keep going, but I wasn't taking proper care of myself and my mental health suffered. Eventually my doctor said I should take time off and begin medication to get things in order. This also meant cutting out alcohol."

While socialising without booze, Sabrina found herself longing for a non-alcoholic drink which was healthier than Coca-Cola or lemonade - and that is when she got the inspiration for Peel and Spice.

She said: "I mentioned the idea to my co-founder, Richard Barltrop, and we decided to do something with spices. After all, ginger beer is one of the world’s most popular soft drinks, but there aren’t many spice-flavoured drinks available."

In June, Sabrina expects to launch the first two flavours of Peel and Spice, namely ginger with cinnamon and lemongrass with black pepper.

She added: "Peel and Spice isn't about preaching. It's about providing a gorgeous drink to the one in four who don’t drink alcohol for a huge number of reasons. Hopefully the public will get behind us and help take our business to the next level."

Sabrina has now entered Peel and Spice into Voom Pitch, a competition in which winners could clinch funding from Sir Richard Branson. Vote for it at