Chesterfield wife still hoping for husband to return - two years after his vanished

Terrie Beardsley with a photo of her husband, Tim
Terrie Beardsley with a photo of her husband, Tim

The date of July 9, 2012, will forever be seared into the memory of Terrie Beardsley.

It’s the day her husband Tim drove away from their Chesterfield house and never came home.

Since then Terrie has relived every moment of the couple’s life together and says she is no closer to figuring out why he left – but she feels certain her husband is alive.

The 44-year-old said: “I refuse to believe Tim is dead. If I did, I couldn’t go on.

“People ask ‘Aren’t you angry that he just disappeared and left you’, but why should I be? There’s nothing to forgive.

“When you love someone, that love is unconditional.”

Terrie and Tim grew up in Ashover, Derbyshire, with their homes either side of the parish church.

They started dating in their 20s and married in Jamaica in 2003. Terrie describes their life together as filled with love, although said Tim had been feeling low in the weeks before his disappearance, following stress at work.

Since that fateful morning, there has been no word from him. Sightings of him have not been verified and he has not used his credit cards or bank account.

He did, however, leave his passport behind so it is believed he is still in the UK.

Terrie’s story was featured on Channel 4 series The Missing on Tuesday. According to charity Missing People, every two minutes someone in Britain disappears. Most are found within 48 hours, 2,000 people a year never return. Terrie clings to the hope Tim will be one that does. Terrie said: “I worry how he’s existing. I’m here in our nice little house and he could be sleeping rough, cold and hungry. When I’m eating a meal I think ‘Has he got enough food’.

“I still see him as he was, tanned, grinning and teasing. We laughed so much.

“I don’t want to be on my own but I’ll wait for him, for five years, 10 years - however long it takes.”