Chesterfield Tuneless Choir will sing in town centre this weekend to raise money for MIND

Amanda Higginbottom and Karen Cook
Amanda Higginbottom and Karen Cook

Members of Chesterfield Tuneless Choir will be singing and collecting for the charity MIND around Chesterfield town centre this weekend.

Hear them sing on Sunday, December 2, from 11am to 12 noon.

This is a choir for the less vocally blessed but since its inception just nine months ago it has had more than 160 people through the door and regularly attracts from 50 to 70 people a week.

The choir has given hope and courage to people who do not feel confident enough to join a formal choir and allows members to enjoy the health and social benefits that singing in a choir brings.

Many of its members have been told they can’t sing (many as children), have mimed all their lives when singing around others or just feel awful about their voice. Tuneless Choir has given its members the freedom to sing in a non-judgmental environment which in turn has developed their confidence and many of the choir members sang to an audience for the first time ever in June this year.