Chesterfield tourist attraction Revolution House opens its doors for the summer

Revolution House, Chesterfield.
Revolution House, Chesterfield.

Visitors to historic Chesterfield tourist attraction Revolution House can find out about the house’s history – including its part in a plot to overthrow a king – as it opens for the summer.

The house in Old Whittington, then the Cock and Pynot Inn, was the meeting place of the 4th Earl of Devonshire, Lord Delamere, John D’Arcy, and the Earl of Danby as they plotted to overthrow King James II in 1688.

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Alyson Barnes, Chesterfield Borough Council’s tourism, museums and events manager, said: “Revolution House is a popular attraction. Each year we have visitors asking about the house’s history and, this year, they will be able to find out more in this exhibition.”

This Sunday, April 7, will also see the house host an event led by the Derbyshire Wildlife Trust where youngsters can learn more about nature by leaf bashing - crushing and bashing leaves, using mallets, to make imprints onto a piece of material which can then be made into a flag.

Revolution House opens each Saturday, Sunday and bank Holiday Monday until Sunday 28 September from 11am to 4pm.

Admission is free but donations towards the upkeep of the house will be welcome.