CHESTERFIELD: Teenage biker’s death was accidental

ryan wells
ryan wells

The tragic death of a teenage motorcyclist who collided with a pick-up truck was accidental, a coroner has ruled.

Ryan Wells, of Beech Grove, Duckmanton, had been riding along Deepsick Lane, at Arkwright, when his Suzuki motorcycle hit a Nissan Navara.

The vehicle had been waiting behind a Ford Kia which had stopped and Ryan, 19, was thrown from his bike and pronounced dead at the scene by paramedics.

During the hearing in Chesterfield on Monday, the court heard how Joseph Dolan, the driver of the Kia, had been on his way to the recycling dump at Duckmanton when the boot of his car had flown open.

Mr Dolan, a retired nurse, had pulled over on the lane in a bid to retrieve loose wood that was falling out of his car.

He said: “I’d just got back in my car when the pick-up came up behind me. I put my seat-belt on and then a lot of debris came over on to the roof of the car and I felt the car nudge.”

He added: “I was a nurse for 40 years and normally I’d be the first one there on my knees trying to help the lad but I just couldn’t. I was so shocked.”

A witness reported seeing Ryan’s bike travelling at around 60mph but police said speed was not a factor in the crash.

Officers believe Ryan may have thought the vehicles were still moving or had intended to overtake but braked suddenly causing his bike to cartwheel.

Stuart Richardson, who was driving the Nissan, said he had driven over the brow of the hill and round a bend when he came across the parked car.

He said he thought it was a “silly place to have stopped” but added there was room for him to get round.

Ryan, a former pupil at New Bolsover Primary and Junior School and The Bolsover School, was coming back from work at Erik’s Electro Mechanical Service Centre, in Chesterfield, when the accident happened at about 4.30pm, on Wednesday, March 21.

The engineering apprentice was passionate about motorcycles, had been riding since he was 16 had passed his test and been on safety courses.

Coroner James Newman said to Ryan’s family: “I hope it is some small consolation that these injuries were instantly fatal and Ryan would not have suffered any pain. It is my view that the verdict should be accidental death.”