Chesterfield taxi driver helps out mum in distress on the way to A&E

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When one Walton mum rang for a taxi in the middle of the night to take her poorly daughter to hospital she forgot to pick up her bank card so the driver gave her a free ride and money to get home with.

Dave Hanson, 39, is a part-time driver for A Line Taxis in Chesterfield and picked up the distressed mum and her toddler in the early hours of Sunday morning.

Following his good deed the mum posted on a Facebook page praising his efforts.

Speaking on Spotted Chesterfield she said: “An absolutely massive thank you to the A Line Taxi driver in cab 51, I cannot thank you enough.

“Not only did the driver of cab 51 help me with my bags and opened the doors for me, he also took me to the cash machine where I realised I had forgotten my card. But he assured me it was going to be OK and took me up to the hospital anyway, knowing I had no money. He also offered me some money to ensure I could get back home out of his own pocket!

“I cannot thank you enough, I really can’t, you have no idea how much I appreciate what you did for us. You went well and truly above and beyond to help. For a single mum with a poorly child, everything you did made the world of difference for me.”

Dave, who lives in Brimington, is also a foster carer and dad to a seven-year-old daughter.

He said: “Our little girl had to go hospital when she was younger so I know that your head is all over the place.

“The lady I picked up was decent and you could see she was genuinely distressed.

“I did what anyone would do in that situation and didn’t even think about it, it was just the right thing to do.”
The post on Facebook has thousands of likes and been shared hundreds of times.

Dave feels surprised by the attention and said: “After everything the mum was going through she found the time to thank me and I am really touched by that.”

The mum has said she will repay the money she owes so Dave is not out of pocket.

Co-owner of A Line Taxis Nicola Aldersley said: “Dave is playing it down and a bit shy about it all but what he did was amazing.

“It restores your faith that there are good people out there. I have children and know when they are not very well you head is all over the place so I am so proud of Dave for doing the right thing to help a mum out.”