Chesterfield Soulville Steakhouse has risen from ashes

Mark Shaw The Soulville Steakhouse
Mark Shaw The Soulville Steakhouse

Chesterfield’s most soulful eatery has risen from the ashes and is back doing what it does best – serving juicy steaks to funky mod rhythms.

Soulville Steakhouse, on the corner of South Street, was forced to shut its doors in December last year after fire ravaged the premises.

But this week – less then four months since the disaster – the restaurant has reopened with a bang.

Owner Mark Shaw, who launched the restaurant four years ago, said he was delighted to be back in business.

He said: “It feels amazing to be open again.

“With all the legal stuff, and fire investigation, we weren’t able to start repairs until we’d got the thumbs-up.”

The all-clear to start refurbishing came in February – meaning it’s been an impressive turnaround for the restaurant.

Mark said: “We didn’t want to have a launch party, because we’ve already been there.

“My plan was to reopen as if it was the day before the fire. And it seems to have gone well – it’s certainly good to be back.”

Mark said the fire is believed to have been caused by an electrical fault.

Recalling the blaze, he said: “I got a call from my manager saying there had been a bit of a kitchen fire.

“I headed down thinking we would have a quick clear-up in time for that night. But when I arrived the whole place was ravaged. I was devastated.”

The experience offered at Soulville has not been altered.

Mark said: “You choose the food, the drink – and the music.

“Everything is cooked fresh too.”

He added: “The restaurant is designed for a certain person, of a certain age.

“If you like the sounds of Motown and some mod classics, not to mention the finest steaks you can get in Chesterfield, then the Soulville Steakhouse is most definitely the place for you.

“Come down and give us a visit soon.”

Call the restaurant on 01246 233311 for a real taste of Americana.