CHESTERFIELD: Smoking row leads to ‘Peeping Tom’ slur

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A mum-of-three has slammed ‘underhand’ hotel staff after she was photographed smoking through the bathroom window.

Danielle O’Sullivan, 35, claims a ‘Peeping Tom’ bar worker at the Portland Hotel in Chesterfield, spotted her at the bathroom window and took pictures on his mobile phone.

Mrs O’Sullivan, who was holidaying with her husband Daniel and three young children, believes her privacy has been breached and is seeking legal advice.

She said: “It all does seem very underhand. They had no need to take any photos of me they could have just come to the room and asked me about it. I rented that space and don’t believe I should have been photographed.

“I had just got out of the shower and was dressed but if they were indecent how do I know they weren’t being shared on social networks?”

The family, of Tamworth, were staying in a family room which over-looked the beer garden and say staff should not have been “snooping” in to their room.

Mrs O’Sullivan added: “It is an invasion of privacy. It doesn’t seem very professional for a member of staff to be taking photos of guests on their mobile phone.”

Mrs O’Sullivan paid the £50 fine but says she was not allowed a copy of the photos.

But Wetherspoon, which owns the hotel, has hit back at Mrs O’Sullivan’s claims and said she was smoking against the bathroom window in clear view of anybody sitting in the beer garden.

Eddie Gershon from the firm added: “ The customer was not photographed through the bathroom window (this conjures up an image of a Peeping Tom) but rather at the bathroom window, smoking.

“Our terms and conditions are very clear about charging for smoking in the room.

“Her claims make the staff seem like perverts. This is absolutely not true.”

He added that Wetherspoon would send a copy of the photos to Mrs O’Sullivan for her own peace of mind.