CHESTERFIELD: Shoplifter put behind bars

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A THIEF has been jailed for 12 weeks after he admitted seven shop lifting offences.

Chesterfield magistrates’ court heard on Tuesday how Lee Denwood, 44, of Loundeswood Avenue, Chesterfield, has ten previous convictions for theft and commited his latest seven offences because of a redundancy and debts.

Helen Griffitns, prosecuting, said: “He lost his job through redundancy and turned to crime because he was struggling to maintain any standard of living and was unemployed.”

Denwood stole electrical goods from a Co-op in Bakewell and games, DVDs and CDs from an Asda in Chesterfield in December. While on police bail in February, he committed two further offences by stealing games from a Tesco and then stole games and DVDs from a Tesco. The court also heard how he stole cheese from a One-Stop shop in Chesterfield in January and then stole meat on another occasion in the same month from the same store.

Denwood was bailed to attend court on Monday, March 18, but two hours before he was to appear he was arrested at a Tesco for stealing games. He pleaded guilty to all these offences. Bob Bashforth, defending, said Denton had previously stayed out of trouble for a long time but was made redundant and resorted to crime. Sentencing magistrate Mr Shaw told him: “You appear to show a total disregard for the courts.”