Chesterfield sculpture fenced off amid crime concerns

The Poise sculpture has been fenced off.
The Poise sculpture has been fenced off.

A well-known Chesterfield sculpture has been fenced off amid crime concerns.

Poise, which is located behind the post office building at Future Walk, is now surrounded by security fences to protect it from potential vandalism.

Angela Connor, who designed the sculpture, called for the fencing to be installed.

The statue is owned by Royal Mail and is opposite the Rosewall statue, one of Dame Barbara Hepworth's finest works, which was recently given Grade II listed status.

A Royal Mail spokesman said: "I can confirm that Poise has been fenced off to give it protection as requested by the sculptress who was concerned about vandalism or damage to the sculpture.

"As a result protection has been provided to meet the needs of the artist."

Poise is 9ft in diameter and made of white marble and stainless steel.

The individual pieces move in the wind. In sunlight they create changing patterns of shadows.

It has previously been based in America and Ireland.