CHESTERFIELD: Scout group attends international camp in Germany

Thirty-one members of the 18th Chesterfield Scout group have recently travelled to an international camp in Germany. Their German friends had invited scouts from Belgium, Nicaragua and Slovakia.

Various activities were undertaken at camp including butterfly park, swimming in open air pool, archery (run by one of he Chesterfield group’s leaders), climbing world, adventure hike, incident hike, canoeing, team building games, camp fires, pioneering, crafts, international cooking, circus skills, and an assault course and a trip to Koblenz,

Following the camp, the Chesterfield party travelled to the German’s home town of Wuppertal for four days of home hosting. The home hosting days were jam-packed too and the Chesterfield Scouts had a visit to the suspension railway museum, a trip to a castle, a hike to the Mungsten bridge, an official (soft) drinks reception at the Town Hall, a visit to the zoo and dragon boat racing. A special stamp had been designed to celebrate the camp which was on sale to the general public.