Chesterfield school's shock at 'far-right' leaflets

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Keep checking our website for the latest news.

A Chesterfield primary insists 'far-right' leaflets left in its premises 'in no way reflect the views of the school'.

The leaflets have been posted anonymously in the library boxes at Hady Primary School on Hady Lane.

Hady Primary School.

Hady Primary School.

One of them, for example, promotes the YouTube channel of Lauren Southern - a Canadian far-right activist who was banned from entering the UK earlier this year for distributing leaflets inciting religious hatred against Muslims.

The Derbyshire Times has been contacted by a woman concerned about the leaflets.

She said: "Someone has been posting far-right leaflets around Hady Primary School and posting them into the free library boxes situated outside the school.

"Some of the leaflets have been put inside the boxes specifically for children.

"The leaflets refer to far-right organisations and are trying to gather members for a far-right meeting somewhere in Chesterfield.

"Almost every day these leaflets are going up around the school and are upsetting residents."

Susan Chapman, headteacher at Hady Primary School, said: "These leaflets were left anonymously in our library boxes and in no way reflect the views of the school.

"Our library boxes are a fantastic free facility for the community to share books and it’s really disappointing that someone has chosen to use them in this way.

"We'd like to thank school parents and other people who use this service for their vigilance and for removing the leaflets from our boxes."