CHESTERFIELD: Scarsdale Rotary Club pays tribute to memory of founder member Ian Vardy

President Rodger Heathcote chaired the weekly meeting of The Rotary Club of Chesterfield Scarsdale, held at Chesterfield Golf Club, with 39 members and three visitors.

Rodger announced the sad news of the death of club founder member Rtn Ian Vardy, who with his enthusiastic personality was a leading light in all Rotary matters especially in fundraising and organising social events for over 32 years. He was to be the club’s president until illness made him withdraw. Rodger requested the usual silence in tribute.

Rodger then welcomed Lucy Mickson, the new CEO of Ashgate Hospice, and presented a donation of £1000 to her. Lucy thanked the club for its continuing support which has totalled over £24000 over 20 years. She has promised to revisit the club in near future to update members on current changes in progress at the hospice.

Past President Keith Pollard introduced Rotarian Ambassadorial Scholar Courtney Rachal and her host, past president Mel Askew (Wirksworth). Rachal is from Luling, Los Angeles, USA. and is studying International Media and History at Nottingham University and gave a summary of current studies. She is a member of St John Parrish club in LA USA. Whilst in Nottingham she is enjoying charity work and has raised £1000 for the Poppy Appeal. She gave insight to Rotary at home with 55 clubs in total in her district. She was thanked for a most enjoyable presentation by past president Clive Robbins.

On ordinary Rotary matters, Rodger welcomed back past president Jack Minshull from his long illness and he received a very warm welcome from club members.

Rodger then announced that District Governor had to date raised £5000 for his charity appeal and thanked the club for its support.

Senior vice-president Andrew Matthews, reported that two potential members had been introduced and are expected to be inducted to club membership in near future.

Past president Keith advised the club that the 1993 Japanese Ambassadorial Scholar Erica and husband Takashi and family are to visit him in August and club members are welcome to join him and Margaret for their visit.