CHESTERFIELD: Scarsdale Probus members hear a talk on Derwent Valley Mills Gateway masterplan

The chairman of Scarsdale Probus Club, Richard Robinson, welcomed 43 members to the club’s June meeting, which was held at the Olde House, Newbold.

Chairman Richard then introduced newest member, John Hayes, who shared the history of his working life. John then received his club badge and a booklet on the history of Scarsdale Probus from the chairman.

The guest speaker for this meeting was Sarah McLeod, chief executive of the Arkwright Society, who gave an in-depth account of the current and future development of the Cromford Mills site at Matlock and associated attractions. With the aid of slide and charts Sarah began by giving a potted history of the life and times of Sir Richard Arkwright.

The remainder of Sarah’s presentation was spent mainly on progressing the delivery of the phase one of the masterplan ‘The Derwent Valley Mills World Heritage Site Gateway and Creative Cluster’. This work alone had been costed at over £4,500,000. Apart from the many arts and crafts shops already adding to the visitor attractions, there are plans said Sarah, to have an 80-bed youth hostel. Sarah, also paid a warm tribute to the small army of volunteers who help in the running of the site on a regular basis. The vote of thanks was given by Mike Little, Sarah received a certificate of appreciation and a cheque for the society,

On behalf of the members, the chairman expressed thanks to the secretary for arranging Founder’s Friday, congratulated Mike Little for arranging the pie and pea supper and thanked the women who had assisted with the refreshment.

The chairman reminded members of the visit to Stoke on Thursday, August 22.

Vice-chairman David Boyce made a request that members volunteer to be meeters and greeters. He is also the contact for any member who would like to give a short presentation on an interesting hobby, story or experience.

Tony Hallam and Ron Enock were thanked for the work and enquiries they had carried out to the sound/audio system at the Olde House.

New members and visitors are always made welcome. For more information, contact www.scarsdaleprobus.