Chesterfield RSPCA staff caring for 'friendly' domestic rat found in field

RSPCA staff in Chesterfield are currently caring for a 'friendly' domestic rat after it was found straying in a field.

Tuesday, 13th March 2018, 3:34 pm
Updated Tuesday, 13th March 2018, 4:40 pm
RSPCA staff are now caring for the rat, who they have named Midge

The small female rat, who has now been named Midge by RSPCA staff, was found in a field in Elsecar, Barnsley on March 5.

A dog walker found the rat and managed to confine her in a box before contacting the RSPCA.

Inspector John Gibson collected the young pale grey pet and took her to the RSPCA Chesterfield Animal Centre.

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The female rat was found in a field by a passerby.

He said: “At this stage we do not know if she escaped or if she was dumped but I suspect it was the latter as she was in the middle of a field with no houses around to suggest she is a stray.

“Luckily the passerby spotted she was a domestic rat as she is so friendly and came running over to greet her.

“We are appealing for anyone with information on how this lovely rat came to be in the field to contact us on the inspectorate appeal line on 0300 123 8018.”

Midge is in good health and good spirits and is now being cared for by RSPCA staff in Chesterfield. If an owner does not come forward then she will eventually be rehomed.

The female rat was found in a field by a passerby.

In 2017 the RSPCA took in 228 rats compared with 204 in 2016 and 160 in 2015.