CHESTERFIELD: Rotary talk on Brampton’s St Thomas Parish Centre

Chairman, Richard Robinson, welcomed 39 members to the February meeting of the Scarsdale Probus Club, which was held at the Club Chesterfield, Brampton.

The chairman then welcomed new member John Barker and presented him with his club badge and a copy of the history of the Scarsdale Probus Club 1977-2007. John received a warm welcome from the club members. There was a very warm welcome to club member Bob Howes on his return to the club after a long absence.

Robert Kenworthy was also thanked for standing–in for our treasurer Brian, who was on holiday for this meeting. The minutes of the January 2013 meeting were read and approved.

The guest speaker for this meeting was well known to many of our members it was Sally-Anne Beecham, Centre Coordinator for the St Thomas Church Centre, Brampton. The title of Sally-Anne’s talk was “The Development of the St Thomas Parish Centre.” The church itself she said had opened in 1831, and had been built entirely from subscriptions donated by local people, a very unusual situation at that time. The Centre, which is sited at the rear of the church, after 35 years of planning, fund raising and re-planning and finally building, was opened on September 24, 2011, by the Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams. This she said was “the icing on the cake.”

The raising of the estimated £3m, she added was in itself was no small miracle. It was to be a very modern structure, light and energy efficient. Features to include a green sedum covered roof, rainwater harvesting and also ground source heat pumps. Today said Sally-Anne, it is an ideal place to meet for church and community events and also social and business. The needs of the local community is paramount, the centre relies very heavily on the good will of its considerable number of volunteers, to which she added were the life and soul of the community. The vote of thanks was given by the chairman, who also presented Sally-Anne with a cheque and a certificate of appreciation. The members also expressed their warm appreciation.

A number of important items were addressed and members were asked to consider certain propositions before the next meeting.

Next month’s meeting to be held on Tuesday, March 12, when the guest speaker Peter Slack will be explaining “I’m not lost but I don’t know where I am”. If you have the morning to spare on this day then why not pop down to our meeting where you will find there is plenty of free parking and tea/coffee will be served from about 9.45am. If you wish, then bring along a friend, all will be made welcome.