CHESTERFIELD: Rotary club’s past president shares history lesson



President Rodger Heathcote chaired the weekly meeting of The Rotary Club of Chesterfield Scarsdale, held at the Proact Stadium on May 2, with 33 members present.

He welcomed Peter Rhodes who is to assist past president Arnold Fear on his presentation to the club. He also welcomed past president Keith Jones (Hope Valley). Rodger advised the club that he attended the Charter celebrations of The Rotary Club 0f Drone Valley.

Junior vice-president Neil Baker confirmed that arrangements for kids day out were in place.

Rtn Ron Enock reported that the 60’s Night was a success and raised £475. Rtn Bill Preston was thanked for his organisation of the event. Rtn Richard Lamb reported that our funds for AquaBox now totalled £370.

District Governor Dave Ashley is reaching the Proact Stadium on Friday evening and Scarsdale members will walk to Matlock with him supporting his efforts to raise funds for Bluebell Woods Hospice and Rotary charities by walking 70 miles in four days through Rotary District 1220.

PP David Foster introduced the speaker our own, past president Arnold Fear, whose subject was ‘Why Scarsdale’ and he thanked Peter Rhodes for his assistance with the presentation the content of which was the linking of Chesterfield and Scarsdale commencing with extracts from The Domesday Book 1086, there are links between Chesterfield and Scarsdale locally and Scarsdale New York with the Heathcote family. The Scarsdale and High Peak Bank and Scarsdale Brewery were based in the town with the name continuing today with the 1st Masonic Lodge of Scarsdale and the Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubsof Chesterfield Scarsdale. Arnold was thanked for his excellent presentation by Rtn Richard Lamb

At the week before speaker Tony Hallam gave an insight into the history of the Markham family and the contribution over many yearsit made to Chesterfield’s working and social life.

He was thanked for locally linked talk that the club enjoyed at the Proact stadium which continues to provide an excellent meal and service to the club.