CHESTERFIELD: Philatelic Society honours outgoing president Ken Clarke

Chesterfield Philatelic Society held its last meeting of the current season at the Bonsall Court common room, Newbold, on June 25.

It was also a very special night for the outgoing club president, Ken Clarke, who was presented with a framed certificate to bestow on him the title of honorary member, for his many years of dedicated service to the club. Ken also received an inscribed glass tankard from the new president, Mike Inger and the warm congratulations of the members. Ken’s final task as president was to welcome new member Brian Flude to the club.

The remaineder of the evening was taken up by annual competitions. The Postal History, for which there were two entries, was a shared result, with Don Hallett and Earnest Pursehouse each gaining an equal number of votes. Don’s display was “Finland - postal history and postmarks”. And Earnest with “Falkland Islands”.

The thematic competition was also initially a tied event with Brian Flude and Bert Orwin vying for first place before there was a recount. Brian eventually won with “GB Horizon Security Labels”. Bert’s display was of “Ye Olde London Town” a selection of postcards showing the capital in those early days. And finally, the thematic competition was won by the new club president, Mick Inger, with “LZ 127” a display of stamps and postcards showing the LZ Graf 127 zepplin designed by the German engineer, Count von Zepplin.

A new programme of displays on a variety of subjects, will commence on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, starting at about 6.50pm. All of the club’s meetings are held at Bonsall Court common room. Visitors and potential members will always be made welcome.