CHESTERFIELD: Philatelic Society hears a talk on Antarctic postal history


The new club president, Mike Inger, welcomed members of the Chesterfield Philatelic Society to the second meeting of the new session, which was held at the Bonsall Court, common room, Newbold.

Following club business, Mike introduced guest speaker Bill Tilbury of Bill Tilbury and Co, auctioneers. Bill’s subject was “Antarctic Postal History” which was a study of commemorative covers, airmails, and many old photographs depicting life on the ice when experienced by the early polar explorers. Bill gave a very detailed account of two explorers in particular, Capt Robert Falcon Scott - 1868-1912 and Roald Amundsen - 1872-1928, the Norwegian who in December 1911 discovered the South Pole. Many of the old photos on show were taken by Scott’s expedition photographer, H.G. Pontin. Herbert George Pontin F.R.G.S., a professional photographer, was one of the first men to use a portable movie camera in the Antarctic. The vote of thanks was given by past president Ken Clarke. The president awarded Bill a certificate of appreciation.

The club’s next meeting will be held on Tuesday, October 22.