CHESTERFIELD: Philatelic Society entertained by presidents Ron Stammers and Mick Inger


The last meeting of the Chesterfield Philatelic Society, was held at the Bonsall Court, common room, Newbold, with vice-president Don Hallet in the chair.

The evening was entitled Two for the Price of One when members were entertained by Ron Stammers, president of the Alfreton Philatelic Society and the Chesterfield’s socity’s own president Mick Inger. Ron, for his contribution in the first part of the evening, gave a very colourful display of postal stationery from around the world. This also included envelopes, letter cards, reply cards and newspaper wrapper etc. With an excellent narrative, Ron explained the origin of postal stationery from its early days in October 1870 when the British postal authorities first introduced plain postcards to the general public which were an immediate success. The latter part of the display included military postal stationery issued during the First World War from Great Britain, France, Belgium and Germany.

After refreshments, Mike Inger’s presentation was “Europa Stamps”. Europa stamps are special stamps issued by the European postal administration under the aegis of PostEurop in which Europe is the central theme. Europa stamps underline cooperation in the posts domain, taking into account the promotion of philately. They also build awareness of the common root, culture and history and its common goals. As such, Europa stamp issues are among the most collected and most popular stamps in the world. They were first issued in 1956. Mike gave an in-depth account of his collection, which was well received by the members. The vote of thanks was given by the vice-president, Don Hallett. Don presented Ron and Mike with a certificate of appreciation.

The next meeting is on Tuesday, October 22, when Chris Tennant of the Notts Philatelic Society will be showing “A General Hotchpotch”. The meeting starts at about 7pm. Visitors and potential members welcome.