CHESTERFIELD: Philatelic Society elects Mike Inger as president



The Chesterfield Philatelic Society’s AGM was held at Bonsall Court common room, Newbold.

The following members were elected to office: president, Mike Inger; vice-presidents,Don Hallett and John Barwick; secretary, Barbara Inger; treasurer, Wally Tagg; programme secretary, Mike Inger; YPA Delegate, Ken Clark; Phoenix Trophy Representative, Ken Clarke; auditor, Bill Towle; press secretary, Bert Orwin. Ken Clarke will remain as president until the end of June 2013 when the current programme ends and Mike Inger will take over as president on Tuesday, September 10, 2013, when the new season of speakers and club events commence.

The meeting arranged for Tuesday, March 26, was cancelled due to the weather conditions at that time. The meeting held on Tuesday, April 9, saw club member Edward Dytkiewicz providing the entertainment, with a display of stamps of Romania. Amongst the many varieties he showed were wild flowers, leading citizens, Olympic games and national costume to mention just a few. In his vote of thanks, club president, Ken Clarke, said that this had been a most interesting and entertaining evening, and he congratulated Edwards on his display. Edward also received a certificate of appreciation.