CHESTERFIELD: ‘No respect... who are they?’

Some members of the public say the image of a statue with a road cone on it is disrespectful - even though they don’t know who the person is.

The picture, captured by Derbyshire Times Editor James Mitchinson as he drove through Chesterfield on New Year’s Day, shows the former Chesterfield MP James Haslam will a traffic cone perched on top.

The 'famous' statues of William Harvey MP and James Haslam MP

The 'famous' statues of William Harvey MP and James Haslam MP

Haslam’s statue stands next to that of William Harvery, also a former Chesterfield MP, outside the former Miners’ Offices on Saltergate.

Of those asked, only one person knew the names of the two MPs.

Most didn’t know anything about the statues - including not knowing where they were, while a handful knew the duo were involved in the Miners Union.

But despite a limited knowledge of the statues, the majority felt the traffic cone represented an act of vandalism and that those responsible should be found and held to account for their actions.

Other condemned the action as disrespectful.

“I think it is an act of vandalism,” said one woman.

“It’s some youths who have had a drink and have decided to pick up a cone, climb up and put it on his head.It’s disrespectful.”

Others saw the funny side of what has become a frequent prank.

One woman said: “Somebody has got some guts to climb up there. Some people take things too seriously, they should just take as a joke.”

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