CHESTERFIELD: Mum’s appeal after her beloved Chihuahuas are stolen

A mum has spoken of her distress after thieves stole two of her dogs.

Victoria Winfield is appealing for help to catch the offenders who pinched her beloved Chihuahuas from her garden.

At about 1.40pm on Tuesday, Victoria was upstairs in her house on Shakespeare Street in Chesterfield when she heard the garden gates slam.

She looked out of her window and saw two men running up the road towards Shelley Street carrying her dogs.

Victoria ran down the road but couldn’t see where the offenders had gone.

She said: “It’s been a terrible few days – I just can’t stop thinking about my little dogs.

“I keep thinking about what these people might have done to them – everything’s going through my mind.

“I’m doing all I can to try and get them home.”

Mum-of-four Victoria said her children were “heartbroken” by the theft.

One of the dogs, Poppy, is white with a black ear and the other dog, Casper, is a cream-coloured puppy.

Victoria added: “We just want them back.”

Anyone with information should call Victoria on 07427101254 or police on 101.

Search for ‘please return Poppy and Casper’ on Facebook.