Chesterfield mum jailed for smuggling drugs into Nottingham Prison

A Chesterfield mum has been jailed for hiding drugs down her jeans and smuggling them into a prison.

Monday, 24th June 2019, 6:11 pm

Charlotte Buchanan, 40, was caught because she spent so much time in the ladies' toilets before visiting her partner, a court heard.

A 15-month prison term was ordered for Buchanan, of Highfield Road, Newbold.

She admitted three counts of bringing drugs into Nottingham Prison on June 16 last year.

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The city's crown court heard that she was jailed several years ago for trying to get the drug methadone into a police station by using it as a cake ingredient.

Judge Sally Hancox accepted that Buchanan had severe home problems and was trying to get the drugs to her partner, who was serving a jail term.

But she told her: "Those who take drugs into prison must be dealt with by way of an immediate custodial sentence.

"Otherwise it would send a message that there are circumstances which may allow somebody not to go into custody when they have operated in this manner."

And she said it was more 'troubling' because Buchanan had committed a similar offence.

The judge agreed with Alan Murphy, prosecuting, that the value of drugs rise tenfold when they have been smuggled into prisons.

He said that Buchanan arranged to visit her partner and went on: "Because of the length of time she spent in the toilets immediately prior, prison staff were suspicious.

"They used the prison closed circuit television and closely monitored the visit. She was seen to put a hand inside her crotch area of her trousers and remove an item.

"He secreted it into his own trousers," said Mr Murphy. As he walked from the visiting area, he was challenged and tried to stamp on the package.

But it was recovered and contained drugs which would have had a value of £650 if they had got into the hands of prisoners, added Mr Murphy.

David Watts, mitigating, said that she was banned for a year from visiting her partner in prison and told the court: "That was an extremely difficult period for her."

Her partner is now free and receiving help in beating a drug problem, which is shared with Buchanan.

She had also suffered from the deaths of her parents.

Mr Watts added: "She is highly motivated to get off drugs, not just to help him or herself but primarily for her children."