Chesterfield MP injured after being knocked over by cyclist

Toby Perkins.
Toby Perkins.

Chesterfield MP Toby Perkins has been knocked over by a cyclist in London.

The Labour politician suffered “massive” bruising in the collision yesterday afternoon.

The MP, who was in London for the weekly Prime Minister’s Questions debate in Parliament, said on Twitter: “I’ve been knocked off my feet by a cyclist overtaking static traffic at lights. We had words.

“I’ve got two massive bruises but I’ll live. I was angry and indignant more than truly hurt.

“You’ve got to love those London cyclists.”

Socialist and Independent newspaper columnist Owen Jones quickly defended the capital’s bikers.

He said: “We’re not all like that Toby – half a million Londoners cycle a day and often deal with some pretty dangerous driving!”

Mr Perkins replied: “I appreciate that. Cyclists are often victims of dangerous driving, but so many I see will do anything to prevent having to stop.”