Chesterfield means the world to us - come rain or shine

Wrapped up for winter. Photo by Pixabay
Wrapped up for winter. Photo by Pixabay

If you think it’s cold in Chesterfield today, spare a thought for the people living in the town’s namesake in Canada.

Chesterfield on the west shore of Hudson Bay recorded a temperature of minus 20 deg C today. There are 437 people living in the oldest permanent settlement in the Canadian Arctic.

Moving on to Chesterfield County city in South Carolina, the temperature hit 1 deg C today. That city has 1,472 residents and is among 16 cities in America which bears the name of Chesterfield.

The weather is much warmer in Chesterfield on the west coast of New Zealand, where the mercury has risen to 18 deg C. This Chesterfield has a population of 4,327,944 residents and is situated 211 miles west of the capital city of Wellington.

If it’s heat you’re after, head for Jamaica where there are three places called Chesterfield. Temperatures have topped 20 deg C in Chesterfield in the Jamaican parish of St Thomas where its population numbers 2,894.

Back in Chesterfield, Derbyshire, today’s temperature has been hovering around 8 deg C for its 104,400 population.