Chesterfield man feels '˜let down' by authorities after cruel thieves steal bicycle wheels

A Chesterfield man says he feels '˜let down' after claiming authorities in the town failed to help him when cruel thieves stole the wheels from his bicycle.

Monday, 3rd September 2018, 5:28 pm
Updated Tuesday, 4th September 2018, 5:16 am
Paul Copeland had his wheels stolen from his bike in Chesterfield.

Paul Copeland, 37, of Grangewood, left his £500 green Kona bicycle locked to some railings near The Portland Hotel pub in Chesterfield on Bank Holiday Monday – but on his return at about 10.30pm found that thieves had stolen his front wheel.

Mr Copeland contacted Derbyshire police the next day, on Tuesday, August 28 but by Wednesday, with the rest of the bike still attached to the railings, the thieves had struck again and stolen the rear wheel – leaving him feeling angry that police had not been in touch sooner to help him retrieve his bike.

Mr Copeland added that he also tried other authorities in the town but they apparently said they could not help.

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The bike was still attached to the railings nearly one week later.

“No one seems to want to know and I am the victim of a crime,” Mr Copeland said. “I feel let down by everyone.

“The police broke their bolt cutters trying to remove my lock and it was just a comedy of errors. It was like a Benny Hill sketch minus the music.

“All in all the criminals have caused the damage and the authorities have rubbed the salt into the wound.

“It makes me wonder why I bother paying my council tax.”

Derbyshire police said the incident was reported to them on Tuesday, August 28 and allocated to an officer the next day.

The force said officers met Mr Copeland at the scene of the crime and broke a set of bolt cutters in a failed attempt to try and free the bike.

No CCTV cameras cover the area.

A Derbyshire police spokesperson said: “We sympathise with Mr Copeland and we are sorry that he has been a victim of crime.

“Our officers investigated all possible lines of enquiry and endeavoured to help him release his bike due to the damaged lock but were unable to do so - in the process breaking a pair of bolt croppers.

“Our officers work hard to provide a swift and effective service to victims of crime but we always welcome constructive criticism about to improve that service.

“While we have spoken to Mr Copeland and explained the situation we would welcome a further conversation to discuss any issues he may have had with our response to this incident.”